About Ambassador Aviation

Ambassador Aviation first began as an NGO in Mozambique under the name Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)* in 1999. We are still very connected to MAF but are now a separate legal commercial entity operating under the name Ambassador Aviation Lda. We made the change because we wanted to do commercial operations in order to subsidize other flying. We have always felt that helping commercial businesses in Mozambique contributes to the employment of Mozambicans and positively influences the local economy. It has always been our heart to serve Christian missionaries, the local church, medical projects and to use the airplane to help development in northern Mozambique. Our pilots tend to be career staff who want to be of service in Mozambique as opposed to typical time-building young pilots who want to move on to bigger airplanes.

As the numbers of missionaries has decreased over the years since we have been here, we began partnering with and funding various aviation medical projects. We have worked alongside a number of for-profit business as well as nonprofit organizations to provide quality healthcare to isolated communities in need and currently have a relationship with Estrela de Manha, a local association based in Nampula, to provide medical assistance in remote villages in the Niassa Reserve. We are always looking for new business partners that have a desire to invest some of their earnings into trustworthy projects that make a significant difference in the lives of Mozambicans. It is a pleasure for us to serve in this beautiful country and we look forward to many more years of providing air support to those we serve in northern Mozambique.

*To learn more about Mission Aviation Fellowship, visit maf.org.